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Compton Chamber Adopts SEPAC Fine Arts Program

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Compton Chamber of Commerce Is Creating Partnerships that Benefit the Children

Compton Chamber of Commerce believes that Adopt-a-school-programs are not only beneficial for students and teachers, but the communities as well. Such partnerships strengthen and improve school programs and curricula, and create a sense of personal involvement and interaction between the public benefit organizations and the schools.

Indeed, well implemented partnerships are a win-win for everyone and the stellar results can be reaped for both the schools and the community at large. The benefits of Adopt-a-school-program extend to all parties. Our Chamber gets involved with an integral part of our community. The adopted school program benefits from our involvement, as students are enriched through such programs that expand their knowledge base and skill set. The school’s staff and faculty are supported in their efforts.

Theater, music, dance, and the visual arts are an integral component of education in our society. Yet, amid nationwide budget cuts, many schools are forced to reduce arts programming greatly, and in some cases, eliminate parts of their arts curriculum altogether.

The current trend towards expanding arts education is certainly a positive one, as the benefits that students reap from participation in the arts are many. In fact, research shows that the arts promote positive development in the academic, social, and emotional realms, along with improvements in behavior and attendance.

In light of the above addressed considerations, the Board of Directors of the Compton Chamber of Commerce unanimously came to the decision during their April meeting to adopt the SEPAC program (St. Eugene Performing Arts Children) as its youth arts sponsorship, effective immediately.


The SEPAC is the brainchild of Dr. Celynda Wilder-Kingsby, Principal; and Aveli Clay-McCoy, Program Director. When Dr. Kingsby assumed her role as the Principal of St. Eugene School, one of her goals was to start a Fine Arts Program, complete with a band, choir, and dance. She reached out to Mrs. Aveli Clay-McCoy, one of the best vocalists she knew. Together, they established a multifaceted music program. Mrs. Clay-McCoy took the lead role as the Program Director and brought in Mr. Kevin Davis and his entourage of accomplished musicians. Mrs. Dorene Nelson, the 4 th Grade Teacher at St. Eugene, joined the team as the program's Dance Instructor. "St. Eugene Performing Arts Children," aka SEPAC, was born.

Since its recent initiation, SEPAC has been called upon to perform at various events.

SEPAC's previous performances:

  • Bishop Connety High School Black History Program

  • Christ Second Baptist Church

  • Philadelphian Seventh Day Adventist Church

  • St, James AME Church

  • as well as school performances.

The program is only in its first year. The skill sets that have been embedded in the young talents in such a short time only confirms that SEPAC will continue to soar well beyond our expectations. SEPAC is the perfect conduit to fill our program participants with additional confidence and a sense of purpose through their school years and beyond.

About Dr. Celynda Wilder-Kingsby

Dr. Celynda Wilder-Kingsby has been in education field for over 25 years. She is currently serving as the Principal of the "St. Eugene School" in Los Angeles. Prior to becoming Principal, Dr. Kingsby served as Kindergarten Teacher, 1st Grade Teacher, 2nd Grade Teacher, Middle School ELA Teacher, Daycare Supervisor, Pom Coach, and Vice Principal.

Dr. Kingsby is the resourceful driving force at St. Eugene. She uses her enthusiastic energy and positive attitude to encourage her faculty and students to work diligently, maximize their learning potential, and excel beyond expectations. Her philosophy on education stems from the belief that everyone has a right to receive a quality education regardless of their background.

During her spare time when she is not occupied her demanding supervisory duties at St. Eugene, Dr. Kingsby spends her time with her family, and runs her baking business, "Sugar Flower by Celyn."


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