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Our Strategic Partnerships

Founded in 1923, the Compton Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, member-based organization that fosters the free flow of trade, investment, people, and ideas in the greater Compton region and beyond. We serve as the voice of the greater Compton business community and engage in a range of valued-added activities that serve the needs of our members and broader business community to cultivate and maintain optimal conditions for commerce.

The Compton Chamber of Commerce forms strategic partnerships and formal affiliations, and enters into joint ventures in order to strengthen its ties with local, regional and federal organizations as well as increase opportunities for local businesses and expand chamber's services for the area.

Our Chamber's original and ongoing mission includes advocacy for federal, state and local policies that are important to business owners. The Compton Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining greater Compton community through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity in the region and via interaction with our strategic partners.


We tirelessly bring together a growing network of business owners, corporate partners, non-profit and faith based organizations to increase economic and social opportunities for the greater Compton community, as well as enhancing their access to products and services. We continue to lead in advocacy for business start-ups, entrepreneurship and thus job creation and wealth building for our community. 

The Compton Chamber’s strategic alliances with other organizations in the greater Compton region help in our mission to build business and community together. Following are the organizations with which we are proud to partner and sponsor:

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