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About the

Concerned Citizens

of Compton

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The Concerned Citizens of Compton is a 501(c)4 organization which is involved in all levels of "Advocacy" and "Activism."

In terms of "Advocacy," the Concerned Citizens of Compton is involved in such activities as public speaking, mainstream and social media campaigns, research, petitions, meeting with government officials, to name a few. The activities aim to influence decisions within economic, political, and social systems and institutions.

In terms of "Activism," the Concerned Citizens of Compton is involved in the use of direct, confrontational action as necessary. Our activities may include, but not limited to demonstrations, boycotts, rallies, street marches, and sit-ins.

The organization's official website is at:

The Concerned Citizens of Compton is dedicated to the

best interests of the citizens of Compton !

The organization's motto is:

Unselfish and Honest Service with full Integrity !

The primary mission  of the Concerned Citizens of Compton is to establish and maintain a standard of government that is dedicated to the best interest of the citizens in the City of Compton by making sure that all the applicable local, state and Federal laws, and guiding principles of the Compton City Charter are followed by the city leadership and the elected officials.

The organization encourages and supports the elected and/or appointed officials, and demands from Compton leadership, both elected and appointed, that they serve the citizens of Compton with unselfishness, honesty and integrity.

The organization's primary causes are:


  • Political​: The organization partners with Compton Chamber of Commerce to hold Candidates Forums/Debates.

  • Community Pantry: The organization partners with Compton Chamber of Commerce to assist with the continuity of the program.

  • ​Drugs - Dispensaries

  • ​Homelessness

  • ​Human Trafficking

  • ​Pedophilia and child abduction

  • Crime, community safety and policing

  • ​Street repairs

  • ​​Water quality