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Adopt a Compton Classroom

The Compton Unified School District’s “Adopt a Compton Classroom” program is a way to allow businesses, organizations, religious groups, and individual donors to support students and teachers in the city of Compton.

Students need a wide variety of resources to ensure they have a rich and rigorous education. While CUSD provides the materials needed for students to fully experience learning, additional materials can help enhance those experiences. It is having those “little extras” that can enhance a child’s educational experience.

Donations of all kinds (materials, supplies, funds and volunteer time) assist our teachers in providing those extended learning opportunities that can make a difference in a child’s achievement. Teachers use donation funds and materials to supplement classroom activities by purchasing books, buying prizes for academic contests, creating community projects, and providing incentives for student progress.

Adopting a classroom is a great way for businesses, organizations, religious groups, and individuals to give back to the community. It creates a connection with the future and models the importance of supporting your community. If you would like to adopt a Compton classroom, or two, please complete the adopt a classroom form and submit it to the principal of any CUSD school or to the district office. Your generosity and your commitment to education will be greatly appreciated and recognized by our Board of Trustees and Superintendent.

Please make a difference...adopt a classroom today!

Adopt a Compton Classroom forms can be found in any CUSD school office, the District Office, the District Parent Center, and the Enrollment Center.

Forms can also be found on any school or district website (

Compton Unified School District

501 S. Santa Fe Ave., Compton CA 90221

Phone: (310) 639-4321

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