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I am honored to serve as the president and CEO of the Compton CofC

Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else. As we say goodbye to 2020 and embark on the new year, that statement is probably more relevant now than ever before. After all, 2021 isn’t simply a new year; it represents so much more than that -- new hopes, new dreams, new goals and endless possibilities.

I am honored to continue serving as the president and CEO of the Compton Chamber of Commerce. I am excited to lead our distinguished Board of Directors in our mission to be a great resource for our membership, business community, and residents of our region.

For all members, there are plenty of ways to become involved. In this era of newness and limitless potential, it is only fitting that the Chamber is aiming to help our Chamber business members to better market their businesses. We shall do this by online training and networking opportunities. All members are welcome to join in our online meetings where we shall identify issues that need our attention, which then become policies for our advocacy.

If you are new to the community or to doing business in Compton, we welcome you! Please introduce yourself to me, other board members, and our staff. We want you to feel welcomed and included.

Let us all work together as friends and neighbors to better our lives and community.

Dr. Lestean M. Johnson

President & CEO Compton Chamber of Commerce

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