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Firework Sales @ St. James Church; June 30-July 4

This fireworks season, St. James AME Church is teaming up with TNT Fireworks to raise funds for Youth Department programs of the Youth Ministries.

The Firework sales stand is located at the Compton home location of the St. James AME Church at 601 W. Rosecrans Ave. (corner of Rosecrans/Matthisen). The firework sales will be offered between June 30th through July 4th.

100% of the proceeds from fireworks sales will go to support Youth Department projects of the Youth Ministry of the St. James AME Church.

About St. James AME Church (St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church)


The AME denomination church (Methodist Episcopal Church) opened in the city of Compton in March 2022 (


Under leadership of Compton native Pastor Nicolette Birdsong, St. James AME Church is building up the Compton community through faith-based services and outreach. St. James AME Church runs and hosts the pantry operations in close cooperation with the Compton Chamber of Commerce.


St. James AME Church is located at 601 W. Rosecrans Ave., Compton, CA 90222.

Phone: (310) 933-8612 or (323) 758-6786


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