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SoCal Edison to install smart LED Lights in Compton

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The City Council approved an innovative program last fall to work with Southern California Edison (SCE) to replace thousands of streetlights throughout the City with smart, LED lights.

The LED fixtures are brighter and more energy efficient, which will lead to safer streets after dark, all while providing a cost savings for the City. The projected total annual savings of this project to the City is approximately $250,000.

“The City Council’s commitment to safety, sustainability and financial prudence are all in alignment through the implementation of this new program,” said Mayor Aja Brown. “We know that this project will enhance the quality of life for Compton residents for years to come.”

The City of Compton is one of only a few cities being selected to pilot and test new “smart” communicating photo sensors. These communicating photo sensors will allow SCE to be notified of streetlight outages as soon as they occur and will facilitate service and repair in a much shorter period of time. This constant communication from the streetlights is hoped to result in a more reliable street light system and could facilitate different rates or savings in the future as well.

“The Compton Sheriff’s Department is pleased with the City Council’s decision to embark on this innovative project with SCE,” said Compton Sheriff's Station Captain LaTonya Clark. “These smart streetlights will help ensure that our streets stay lit at night and that any outages are repaired quickly, which could potentially lead to lower crime and increased safety for residents.”

Installation of the streetlights began in early February and is set to wrap up sometime in March. The streetlight fixtures are expected to last 12-20 years and will be replaced in the future as needed by SCE as part of its routine streetlight maintenance program.

“SCE is very proud to partner with the City of Compton,” said Dave Ford, Government Relations Manager for Southern California Edison. “This new lighting technology will not only save money but will enhance the streetlight distribution within the City.”

Over 4,500 SCE-owned streetlights in the City will be replaced through this program. The City is currently looking into opportunities to replace the other 1,600 City-owned streetlights throughout the City.

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