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City of Compton approves $ 1 Million for citywide EMERGENCY pothole repairs!

The City of Compton announced the approval of $1,056,000 for citywide emergency pothole repairs! According to the announcement of Mayor Aja Brown, the allocated funds will address the repair of over 50 thousand potholes throughout the city.

The announcement continues stating that the Public Works Project under the file name "CIP 13-01" regarding the reconstruction of 22 residential streets is also underway as of February 2019. List of streets which are part of this project can be found here.

The announcement states that "while EBS General Engineering, Inc. will continue repairing the potholes until June 30, 2019, the City will be undertaling request for bid for pothole repairs beginning in fiscal year 2019-2020."

This statement requires clarification as to whether the "EMERGENCY" potholes repair process will be completed by June 30, 2019 or not.

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