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Who is Compton Chamber of Commerce?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Serving Greater Compton Community Since 1923.

It has come to our attention that there are some confusion in the community regarding the who is who of business organizations in the City of Compton. While we endorse all activities supporting the betterment of business milieu and general living and working conditions in our beloved city, we felt the need to clarify who/what Compton Chamber of Commerce is.

Compton Chamber of Commerce is an independent and autonomous business network, and is NOT affiliated with any other non-profits, public benefit entities OR "self appointed" business networking organizations operating in Compton. That includes all other "so called" chambers of commerce. The only similarity of Compton Chamber of Commerce with such organizations is the name which other "self appointed" organizations chose. We recommend that all questions regarding such organizations as to what they stand for, be addressed directly with them.

Here is who Compton Chamber of Commerce is in a nut shell...

Compton Chamber of Commerce registration with the State of California

Founded in the year 1923, Compton Chamber of Commerce is the premier business network society in the City of Compton. Our pioneering Chamber is formed primarily by the business owners from greater Compton area in order to advocate on behalf of the business community. Local and regional businesses, non-profits, quasi-public and public sector employers are voluntary paying members of our chamber. Our chamber serves to further the collective interests of its member businesses, while advancing the Compton community, Gateway region, Los Angeles County and our state California.

1988 Ammendment to the Articles of Incorporation.

In the year 1988, Compton Chamber of Commerce has amended its "Articles of Incorporation" to include the statement: "This corporation shall have perpetual existence." This statement clearly manifests Compton Chamber of Commerce's unchanged intention to provide uninterrupted assistance to the business society in Compton, and act as a bridge between the Compton businesses, residents of greater Compton community, and the elected officials of the city, county, state and the federal government for the betterment of business milieu and general living and working conditions in our beloved city.

Although Compton Chamber of Commerce is NOT a part of the Compton City Administration, our organization is duly recognized by the city administration since its founding years. Furthermore, today, our organization shares physical office space with city administration in the "Compton Resource Center" building on N. Bullis Road for the sole purpose of maintaining close relations with the city administration.

Compton Chamber of Commerce is also recognized by and active member in good standing with the Washington DC based umbrella organization, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Sacramento based umbrella organization, the California Chamber of Commerce, and the regional networking organization, Gateway Chambers Alliance.

We hope that these facts about Compton Chamber of Commerce sheds some light on who we are.

Please note that you can become a member as an individual or as a business. We are looking forward to seeing you among us.

Respectfully yours,

Compton Chamber of Commerce.

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