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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

A few important tips for every one to consider in regards to protecting yourselves and your loved ones from the Coronavirus.

1. It is reported by lots of credible doctors that this malificent and highly contigious virus will die at the temperature of 86F degrees. This is good news.

2. Lemon juice (citric acid) and salt kill the coronavirus. We recommend drinking hot water with lemon juice in it, and gurgling with salty hot water a few times a day. See the picture why. Note that CDC claims the distilled vinegar not being fuly effective in killing the virus.

3. Bad news is that the coronavirus survives several days on common surfaces (up to 2-3 days on steel and plastic surfaces if not exposed to disinfecting substances).

4. Carry a lighter with you. Push buttons and swithces in public places with this the metal top of the lighter. After contact, light the lighter for 10-20 seconds until it's hot. Remember, this virus will die at the temperature of 86F degrees.

5. Hydrogen peroxide (3% solution according to CDC) kills this virus. Hydrogen peroxide is odorless, non-corrosive and potent disinfectant. We recommend that you disinfect all your silverware and plastic containers (shop purchased or delivered by us) by dipping them into a sink full of water and add half a coffee cup full of hydrogen peroxide. Let sit for 10 minutes.

6. Do not use reusable plastic bags unless you are disinfecting them (wipe inside out and the handles). Wipe down the handle of every shopping cart you have to touch with a disinfectant.

Stay safe and healthy...

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