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Any PPE Unite Volunteer Can Sign Up As An Individual Or As A Group

In support of the PPE Unite™ movement, Compton Chamber of Commerce is inviting the greater Compton community members to join and volunteer your time to help PPE Unite™ in the communal effort to distribute much needed PPE supplies to the hundreds of small businesses and organizations in our community.

Anyone can sign up as an individual or as a group. Make the PPE Unite™ event a company team-building opportunity or family event.

Anyone seeking community service, corporate work team member, non-profit, community organization, and other small businesses who simply want to help out our community.

If you are an organization that wants to offer your location as a distribution point or a pop-up please select that in Volunteer Type and describe your facility in the Comments.

Volunteers The event has two shifts: AM 9-12:30 and PM 12-3:30 If you can dedicate a few hours of your day to this worthwhile cause, please register as volunteer with PPE Unite™!

Please complete the form and PPE Unite™ will reach out to you to schedule the time on Wednesday May 19th for you and/or your group. We appreciate your willingness to contribute and assist in our community effort.

PPE Unite™ stated on their website that spots are limited.

Compton Chamber of Commerce, along with other local organizations, is partnering with PPE Unite™ in order to support this worthy effort by providing outreach assistance, spreading the word to the community and the local businesses, recruiting and providing volunteers.

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