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Introducing Our New Member, The "Suburban Water Systems"

Compton Chamber of Commerce is delighted to introduce our new neighbor and Chamber member, the "Suburban Water Systems," a wholly owned subsidiary of the SouthWest Water Company.

"Suburban Water Systems" is the new water purveyor for Sativa Water District.

"Suburban Water Systems" is a very active member of several chambers in their service areas, which now includes greater Compton region. Compton Chamber of Commerce and "Suburban Water Systems" are looking forward to joining forces in engaging with neighbors, businesses, local officials regarding matters pertaining to our municipal water supply, management and quality.

About "SouthWest Water Company"

SouthWest Water Company (SWWC) is the American owned and operated mother corporation of "Suburban Water Systems" with nationwide resources, and local management and decision making. The regional utility subsidiaries of SWWC own and operate regulated water and wastewater systems, serving over half a million residential and business customers in five states: Alabama, California, Oregon, South Carolina, and Texas.

Founded in 1891 as the East Whittier Land & Water Company, the company is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas. The company employs nationwide roughly 400 employees. Each subsidiary ensures that the water they provide is safe and meets all federal and state health guidelines. The customer rates, service and water quality are regulated by the respective state agencies.

The American owned and operated SouthWest Water Company has nationwide resources and experienced leadership with local management and decision making, in-house professional engineering and quality control.

SWWC takes pride in its focus on the entire cycle of water (from its point of origin through transporting, treating, distributing and recycling) and its repeated uses. The company also places a high emphasis on treatment of wastewater so it is safely returned to the environment for reuse.

Besides having experience in virtually every aspect of water and wastewater system operations, the company also has extensive construction and project management experience and expertise.

With pride comes empowerment; SWWC makes sure that the customers are heard and empowered with knowledge about their water and all that goes into providing great service by SWWC.

Suburban Water Systems 1325 N. Grand Ave., Suite 100, Covina, CA 91724


Lauren James, Communications and Supplier Diversity

Phone: (626) 543-2531

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