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Employment Opportunities With THE PEOPLE CONCERN

One of Los Angeles County’s largest social services agencies, THE PEOPLE CONCERN was formed in 2016 in a merger of two trusted social service organizations based in Los Angeles County, OPCC and Lamp Community.

Informed by more than fifty seven years of work in the community, THE PEOPLE CONCERN is a leading provider of, and advocate for, evidence-based solutions to the multi-faceted challenges inherent in homelessness and domestic violence.

THE PEOPLE CONCERN has several positions available for immediate hiring. The job openings are listed below.

  • Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

  • Senior Director, SOJOURN

  • Clinical Case Managers (Social Workers)

  • Clinicians

  • Counselor Advocates

  • CNA’s

  • LVN’s

  • Case Managers

  • Support Specialist

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