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May 6 Info Session @ 9am: "Get Your Affairs in Order"

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

No one ever plans to be sick or disabled. Yet, planning for the future can make all the difference in an emergency and at the end-of-life. Being prepared and having important documents in a single place can give you peace of mind, help ensure your wishes are honored, and ease the burden on your loved ones.

Compton Chamber of Commerce is hosting the "Get Your Affairs in Order" informative session on Saturday, May 6th at 9:00 am.
The session will be held at the Compton Chamber office location @ 700 N. Bullis Road, Suite 10A, Compton, CA 90221.

The three hours informative session is "free" and open to general public.

The focus of thee session is to introduce to the participants the common steps to consider when getting your affairs including but not limited to planning:

  • retirement,

  • end-of-life healthcare,

  • advance care planning with your doctor,

  • life insurance,

  • estate and finances,

  • living will,

  • the durable power of attorney for finances,

  • living trust, and

  • important papers.


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