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"EMERGENCY SURVIVAL GUIDE" for Compton Community

Dear residents of the City of Compton,

This "EMERGENCY SURVIVAL GUIDE" (aka EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS BOOKLET) is published by the City of Compton in order to provide tips to assist in self-suffiency after a disaster.

This guide is a starting point.

For more "free" information on preparing for emergencies and disasters:

  • please visit the website for the county's Emergency Survival Program (ESP) at,

  • call the ESP hotline at (213) 974-1166, or

  • contact the Compton Fire Department at (310) 605-5670.


As a resident of one of the many cities within Los Angeles County, all our community members are an important part of emergency planning and preparedness. The Compton City Council is responsible for establishing policies and regulations that affect you and your neighborhood. The city also governs city departments that provide services in your area including recreation, solid waste, planning, law enforcement, firefighting and social programs.

City provides the "first response services" to disasters such as:

  • flood,

  • fire,

  • earthquakes,

  • tornadoes,

  • civil unrest,

  • tsunamis, and

  • terror attacks.

This guide will assist you to better prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters that face the City of Compton and Los Angeles County.


In addition to this guide, we recommend that you increase your awareness of emergency situations and the skills needed to prepare your family, neighbors and your community.

  • Become a qualified member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT); join our local Disaster Response Team. CERT teams strengthen the ability of our communities to quickly recover after major disasters.

  • It is also highly recommended that you learn CPR and basic First Aid.

Please note that the unincorporated areas are not part of any city and are governed by the five-member Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles.

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