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Compton Chamber Congratulates Ms. Lillie Darden On Her Appointment

During its regular session on Tuesday July 27, the Compton City Council selected from a field of 11 candidates the long-time Compton resident Lille Darden as the new city council member to represent District 4.

City council members representing districts 1, 2 and 3, and the newly elected Mayor Emma Sharif unanimously voted to appoint Ms. Lillie Darden to serve the remainder of the term of the vacant 4th district council seat. The vacant seat was previously held by the new mayor Emma Sharif.

In her remarks following her appointment, Councilwoman Darden thanked her colleagues for their trust in her to serve as the councilperson representing the 4th District. She stated that she is looking forward to serving the community of the 4th district in best possible way.

Compton City Council members welcomed their new colleague and congratulated on her new position. Councilman Isaac Galvan stated that he is excited to welcome Councilwoman Darden to the city council. He believes that she is going to do a tremendous job. Councilwoman Michelle Chambers stated that it is an honor to serve with Councilwoman Darden, and added that her experience will add tremendously to the legislative body.

Councilwoman Darden has also enjoyed strong community support.

Councilwoman Lillie Darden, 81, holds a Public Administration degree. She is no stranger to city administration in Compton. She has worked in the past for the city hall and served on the Planning Commission.

Compton Chamber of Commerce congratulates Councilwoman Darden on her new position. We can’t think of anyone better suited to the role. With her experience and dedication to our city, she is surely a very strong addition to the city council.

May Councilwoman Darden thrive on the challenges and joys this appointment brings her way. May the seas ahead be smooth and every day be as rewarding as this one!

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