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Please join us welcoming our new members!


Dear New Members,


Thank you for your recent membership to the Compton Chamber of Commerce. We would like to personally welcome you and your team and help you make the most of your membership. As one of the oldest Chambers in the greater Los Angeles region, we are the strongest voice for the Compton region business community. We are committed to helping your business grow and thrive!


The Chamber offers a number of networking opportunities, workforce training and development programs, and speaker seminars on a variety of topics. We have regular forums and roundtables with leading public and private sector experts in key industries, including manufacturing, health care, construction, and more! These forums are open to all members, and attendees can learn first-hand about key policy initiatives and economic development projects impacting Southern California businesses.


Please visit our "New Members" page to review the list of new member businesses which have joined our chamber in the recent weeks.

Compton Chamber of Commerce

Co-operation between Comfort Keto and the Compton Chamber of Commerce in 2021

Compton Chamber of Commerce believes that the underserved communities can be changed sustainably by this one core objective: Saving lives by eating better.

In 2021, Compton Chamber of Commerce will be partnering with Comfort Keto to introduce pre-cooked heat-and-eat ketogenic meals to the staff members of major businesses, governmental agencies and organizations operating in the greater Compton area.

The joint objective of Comfort Keto and the Compton Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the health status of professional workers and civil servants of the region by providing freshly prepared, nutritious, and affordable low-carb heat-n-eat meals delivered to the work location of clients on a weekly basis.

Objectives of the program:

  •  Awareness

  • Accessibility

  • Affordability.

  • Health Benefits:

                      Healthier employees

                      >> Less sick days + higher efficiency

                      >> more productive organizations

Compton Chamber of Commerce

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