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City officials hope to begin work on the third phase of the city’s street repair project in the coming weeks. As per city announcement, the entire three-phase project is funded  through “special revenues,” as well as Measures M, P, R and the gas tax. 

The three phases of the project are:

  • Major Street Pothole Repairs: The first phase completed in December 2018.

  • Street Rehabilitation:  The second phase began in February 2019 and involved 21 residential streets in the city using funding from the state gas tax. The city allotted for $2.4 million for the second phase which is nearing completion.

  • Annual Residential Street Rehabilitation: The third phase is currently in the design stage contracted to JM Diaz company. Design phase is expected to be completed by February 2020. The estimated cost for design plans is $518,000, with an initial project cost of $535,167, and an estimated $8 million for construction. 

At the present time, the City of Compton is also working with the California Department of Transportation to make repairs to the on- and off-ramps of the Artesia (91) Freeway on Central Avenue and Wilmington Avenue. The ramps on Alondra Boulevard for the Long Beach (710) Freeway also are set to receive repairs.


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Status of Street Repair Projects:

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With numerous ongoing street resurfacing projects, park improvements underway, and the new Clean Compton Initiative to strategically address dumping and graffiti, there is a major shift happening in the cleanliness of our great city!

Our beloved city of Compton has been blighted by illegal dumping, graffiti, and neglect. The Clean Compton Initiative is a citywide comprehensive and targeted effort to sustainably beautify, clean, abate and maintain the cleanliness of our city through strategically targeted city services, municipal code enforcement, and community partnerships.

As part of the Clean Compton Initiative, city staff have

• Assigned a taskforce to target illegal dumping hotspots around the city on a more frequent basis;

• Identified graffiti hotspots where permanents deterrents will be installed such as murals, and foliage wall coverings;

• Ramped up the enforcement of municipal codes for residences, businesses and vacant landowners that are out of compliance with the maintenance of their property.

Compton Chamber of Commerce honors and strongly supports these efforts.

Please use the below link to the City of Compton official webpage in order to report dumping, graffiti or residents, and business that are maintaining their property truly poorly.


On the same city webpage, you will also find a list of the municipal codes, contacts for pick and other resources to help improve the cleanliness of our community.

Clean Compton Initiative

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