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Compton Chamber Food Pantry served 10,000 Seniors, Disabled, and Veterans

The hard times we are going through are a time of reflection, a time to express gratitude for all that we have. As Compton residents continue to stay at home amid the coronavirus clampdown, many of our residents living on the edge are in need of food, shelter, money and other assistance. Unfortunately, many people don’t have all of their basic needs met during the pandemic lockdown.

In order to ease the situation in the greater Compton region, the Compton Chamber of Commerce set up a Food Pantry serving Seniors, Disabled, and Veterans during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Today, we are proud to share with the Compton community that we have collected, packaged, and delivered food and hygiene items to over 10,000 residents in our region.

We at the Compton Chamber of Commerce are deeply thankful to have received incredible support from our community during the lockdown, in particular, access to food. People, corporations and organizations don’t just donate food and funds; many of our volunteers also donate their precious time packaging and distributing food on our behalf. We would like to recognize all the volunteers that organize food throughout these extraordinary hard times. We wouldn’t be able to process all the incoming food and serve over 10,000 people if we didn’t have our invaluable volunteers. Our supporters volunteer their time preparing food bags in our warehouse, and delivering the pre-packed bags of food and sanitary items to the homes of Seniors, Disabled, Veterans and their families in need.

Compton Chamber of Commerce would also like to recognize the value of working with our partners throughout the region who share with us the common goal of providing assistance during these hard times to the people in need within our community. Collectively, we are able to serve more people.

We appreciate our committed members of the Board of Directors that give their valuable time and expertise. The Compton Chamber Food Bank is also privileged to work collaboratively with the City of Compton. Our collaborations ensure that the people in dire need can get food on a continuing basis.

If you have ever donated a single can of food, made a financial donation of any kind, volunteered your time, attended an event of ours … Compton Chamber of Commerce thanks you. It may seem like a small act to you, but to someone else it can be the difference between food on their table or skipping another meal during these harder than ever times.

In order to be placed on the Compton Chamber of Commerce Food Pantry DELIVERY LIST, the Seniors, Disabled, Veterans and their families are encouraged to ...

call (310) 631-8611


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